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Increase your income by join our forex rebates (cashback) program, the highest forex rebates reach 85% of IB commission

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OmahForex, forex rebates (cashback) service provider
from regulated and reliable forex brokers

Get forex rebates (cashback) up to 85% of IB commission, rebates paid automatically using wire transfer, tradingg account, e-currency FasaPay, PayPal,
Neteller skrill and WebMoney. If you have questions about us or our partners broker please contac us

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15+ Regulated
& Realible Brokers

Our partner are regulated & realible forex brokers. It's safe to invest your funds

Forex Rebates

The highest forex rebates (cashback) reaches 85% of the IB commission


Rebates paid automatically on schedule without withdrawal request

E-Currency & Wire
Transfer Method

Rebates payment system using wire transfer, trading account, PayPal, Skrill, WebMoney & Neteller

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Our experienced support team in the forex industry will be ready to help you

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How It Work?


We paying you for each closing transaction, both profit or loss you will get cashback forex rebates. Perhaps you wonder where we get the funds to paying your rebates, we receive commissions from the broker for each client who open a broker account through us or put their existing account under our affiliate network without mark up the spread or commissions of your trade, and we share the majority of our commissions with you based on rebates rate. We offer forex rebates (cashback) up to 85% of our commissions.

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How to Get Forex Rebates?
  1. Sign Up, to view your rebates statistics, rebate report update daily You can also join our affiliate program to earn additional income.
  2. Open broker account, or put your existing account under our affiliate network. You can open some of broker account an get rebates of them.
  3. Submit trading account, add your trading account in the member area MyOmahForex to validated your account. You can add some of trading account.
  4. Choose your rebates payout methode, such us: bank wire, e-currency (PayPal, Skrill and Neteller) or internal trasnfer to the trading account
  5. Trade normally, and your rebates will be paid automated according to the rebates payout schedule without withdrawal request.
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